Meet’s ‘Green Room’ allows previewing video

Last month, Google Meet added the “Troubleshooting” menu, and now it has a new feature, “Green Room,” with a pre-video call preview, which will let you quickly see how you’ll appear to the user in front connect with the call before you enter to video call. It’s available on the desktop web, allowing you to check network send peripheral status.

It tends to be hard to figure out how you’re going over in a videoconference, particularly if you need to ensure everything works before you start the meeting. You may concern about the good lighting, the audio, or if the video isn’t muted mistakenly, or maybe you sound like in an echo chamber. Well, all these concerns will be sorted with the “Green Room” option now.

Google has made it simpler with its new “green room” feature to check your tech and appearance before you start as a Meet conference.

When you prepare or begin to join a meeting, generally “Ready to join?” window appears at first shows up, but now you will also see a small button below your video with a “Check your audio and video” title.

Once you click on this button, a pop-up window will appear, not only displaying your video image, but permitting you to see and change which camera, speaker, and microphone is currently live.

On that pop-up window, a “NEXT” button allows you to record a 6-second short video test that lets you see how you will sound and look to the others in the meeting. According to Google, the short video clip isn’t public to anyone and won’t be saved anywhere. It’s just your system that will check your speaker, mic, connection, and camera and send green checkmarks if everything appears to be working.

Previously, while you could see your appearance in the initial “Ready to join?” window, the new “Green Room” of Google Meet can be significantly more helpful.

For example, you can test different lighting types, test the audio on your laptop and headset, and ensure that everything is right before your meeting.