Medium acquires ebook company, Glose

Recently, Medium has announced that its acquiring Glose, which is a social-based ebook company. Glose, a platform where users can purchase and read books, users can share highlights and notes with anyone.

What the Medium and Glose integration will really appear like is not yet clear. Glose CEO Nicolas Princen, in an interview, increases the idea of readers having the option to go from an article into a book. He states that the vision is to make an experience where you can jump from one to the next, and you can read an article and afterward, in case you want to go deeper, simply one-click buy a book that interfaces with that connect.

Medium CEO Ev Williams stated in the press release explain the acquisition that the company look[s] forward to working with Glose group on joining as a partner with publishers to assist authors in reaching more readers. Engadget noted that Glose’s library wouldn’t be remembered for Medium’s $50 annual and $5 monthly subscriptions when the integration is finished.

There are a couple of ways a Glose/Medium combination could approach this. I’d prefer to envision that Medium could show me books composed by the writer of the article I’m perusing. Going significantly further, Medium could likewise discover books about the article’s subject and show those to perusers who need to go further.

A couple of ways a Glose/Medium integration are there to approach this. It would be a great approach that Medium could display books that the author has written, of which article you are reading and then moving further, Medium would also look for other books, which are related to the subject of the current article and showing to those who have the desire to read more.  

Well, both thoughts are interesting as an avid reader, and it would be intriguing to see how it functions in practice. Ev Williams additionally talked about it simpler to turn off a blog post from a Glose’s motivating book section.

However, Medium chooses to integrate with Glose, though it is clear that it needs considerable power in online reading. Almost 1.5 million books have been added to its library.